Southlands School Council

School Council Meeting - 11.2.19

At our school council meeting we have discussed a range of exciting new ideas. These ideas are currently being considered by staff and Mr Lines; we will be updating the school website very soon to show the new changes we have made. 

At Southlands, pupil’s voice is extremely important. The school council representatives are a group of hard working dedicated students; they are very busy and pride themselves on making a positive impact on our school. 
The school council has two representatives from years 7-11. The school council representatives meet once every half term with Miss Hall, to discuss lots of ideas that have an impact on teaching, learning and having fun in our school. 
The school council representatives each have a notebook that they use to gather ideas from peers in their class as well as others at play times and lunchtimes. They write down notes during the meeting and take these back to their class to talk about what we have discussed. 

Changes we have made:
During summer term we had a change to the school uniform, we introduced a school cardigan for students to wear.
In the autumn term the student representatives discussed the possibility of upgrading our school yard. They talked about yard paintings and equipment the students may use at breaks and lunches. After a lot of discussion, planning and voting we came up with the idea of painting a running track and an exercise trail on the yard.

At the last school council meeting we decided as a school we needed to work upon recycling and looking after the environment. We thought it would be a good idea to get new bins on the yard for general waste and recycling. 

To also work upon being Eco friendly we have introduced hand dryers into the school toilets and taken away the paper towels. These ideas were voted upon and all representatives agreed.