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 where students and parents can find some valuable resources to help keep safe on the Internet

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Parents Basics To help keep your child safe online;

  • Don't place a PC or games console with internet access in a child's bedroom - make sure it's kept in a communal family space
  • Activate the parental controls available in Windows XP and Windows 7. Many games also have parental controls.
  • Do get involved in what your child is doing online - ask them to show you and ask questions
  • Don't be afraid to limit the time your child spends online
  • Keep your home PC as secure and up to date as possible - install a virus checker and regularly accept genuine system updates
  • Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MSN are for 13 year olds and above. If your child is under 13 and has an account, it means they've had to falsify their date of birth
  • You can check the sites they access by going into your internet browser history
  • If you have any serious doubts or worries about your child's activities, contact your local police who can advise you on the next steps.
The following is a list of available material to help parents and users to stay safe online.